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Así se veía la actriz p0rn0 de Brazzers después de sobrevivir a accidente mortal


La actriz alemana, Clorisa Briggs, mundialmente conocida como “Madison Ivy“, con más de un millón de seguidores en Instagram, compartió una fotografía de cómo se veía después del accidente fatífico que vivió, y que le cambio la vida de un momento a otro.

Recordó a través de una publicación en su cuenta de Instagram el trágico momento de recuperación que sufrió después de ser atropellada por un conductor irresponsable en el 2015.


“Esta va para todas las personas que atraviesan un momento difícil: ¡crean en ustedes! Fui víctima de un conductor peligroso, que salió de repente y me arrojó contra una roca”, escribió junto a una de las fotografías.

This one goes out to all the people who are having a hard time, believe in yourself! I was the victim of a reckless driver, came out of nowhere slamming me into a rock… please everyone drive safe🙏 I have kept a lot of the details of my accident to myself, it was hard for me to accept at the time, that it might be the end. And if it was I wanted people to remember me as I was…On the left is me today, the right a year and a half ago… That was taken as I started to get better actually. It is possible to live without food or water for 6 months & even longer, they cut a hole in your hip, feeding in a tube. It led straight to my lower intestine, all water & food were pushed through there. My stomach, duodenum & intestines were all ripped away from each other. With no luck or hope of sewing me back together, each organ was sewn up separated while holes were cut from 6 different directions, feeding tubes into each organ replacing its functions. If that wasn't enough I had titanium rods and screws now holding together the L1-L3 of my spine. The broken back was the least severe, as for the other injuries, it was up to my own body's ability to repair. Which I found out had an 8% chance of doing so…I lived for almost 9 months with the tubes protruding from all angles. I've never experienced something so terrifying as a group of defeated looking doctors coming into the room & telling me there's nothing more they can do, to prepare for the worst. I'm still here because we never gave up, you can't spell impossible without Im Possible! 💛 #SaiyanPride

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“Yo fui víctima de un conductor temerario que salió de no sé dónde hasta tirarme a unas rocas…por favor, manejen con precaución. Yo he mantenido para mí muchos de los detalles del accidente, fue difícil para mí aceptar en ese momento que podía ser el final”, escribió la actriz de 28 años.